An Owl With A Message Of God's Comforting Grace

12.05.17 | by Joe Logan

    God often reveals Himself to us through nature.

    Tuesday, December 5, 2017

    Read Matthew 6:25-26

    I know every bird of the mountains, and everything that moves in the field is Mine.     Psalm 50:11

    On a beautiful fall evening, I was making my way home on Job Corps Road thinking about life and my father-in-law’s death the day before.  As I came around a sharp curve I noticed something in the middle of the road.  I thought it was a shoe or something, but as I approached the object, I noticed it was a small owl.  Being a bird lover, I was afraid it might be hurt, so I was not going to leave him there.  I pulled right up next to him and as I opened the door, he turned his head, in the way only an owl can, and looked right at me.  I walked up to him and reached down to pick him up, and he made no attempt to get away; he just came with me like I was his best friend!  I took him back to the car, sat him on the back seat, and he sat in the middle of the seat the rest of the way home.  During this whole time no cars came down Job Corps Road, which is very uncommon at that time of the day.

    I got home with the owl, still not knowing whether he was hurt or not, and took him into the house.  As I walked in with the owl sitting on my finger, Cathy, Austin and Devon all thought it was a stuffed owl!  They got up to look at it and for the first time he got startled and flew to the fireplace mantel. He was just beautiful!!! We did some research using our internet best friend, Google, and it seemed he was a little screech owl, not a baby owl like we were thinking. We called an animal rescue organization and they suggested we take the owl back where we found it.  So, we put him in a cat carrier and took him back.  Once I got out of the car, I heard another owl across the road very loudly crying out.  The owl in the carrier was excited and flapping around, so I thought I better let him out before he hurt himself.   I opened the carrier and he immediately took off toward the cornfield where the other owl was seemingly waiting on it’s lost partner.

    What does all this mean and why am I telling you this story?  Well, Cathy’s father, Al Konzman, had passed the day before I found this owl.  As I drove home from letting this owl go, I was thinking how weird the circumstances were.  First, how often do you even see an owl in the wild?  Secondly, he made no attempt to escape when I caught him.  Third, once he was in the car he just sat there, like he owned it!  Fourth, when I got him home and went into the house, he sat on my fingers like he was my pet.  And finally, not one car on Job Corps Road during this whole event!  One of our friends said the owl was a symbol that Dad had transitioned into another world and some believe them to be “the guardian of the after-life.”. I don’t have an explanation other than that God was letting me know through this beautiful owl that my beloved father-in-law was at peace with our Heavenly Father.

    PRAYER: Father, thank you for your beautiful creatures and for the comfort they bring to our grieving hearts— almost as if they speak the very language of their Creator.  Amen.

    Prayer Focus: for unexpected comfort for those who are suffering loss