Oakland's Women's Ministry seeks to provide opportunities for women to connect with each other to form lasting relationships that will help us grow in our faith and prays that these bonds will offer support and friendship to all women who want to experience the love of Christ. Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

Women of Oakland (WOO) is hosting a one-day event No Longer a Spectator - Jul 15 2017 9:00 AM 


  • Church Sanctuary - May 28, June 4 &11 - The Shroud Of Turin (purported to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ)

    Can the latest scientific techniques date the shroud back to the time of Jesus?  Is there other supporting evidence for the shroud’s authenticity? What blood type has been found on the shroud?  How can the image on the shroud be made by a method not yet known in the 14th century let alone in 1st century Palestine?  And how does this inform our theology of the Resurrection?

     Teacher for this class will be Josh Alexander.
  • Kinkade Room - This class, geared towards seniors, takes a more traditional approach toward Christian education, using quarterly Bible Studies from David C. Cook publishing company.
  • During this time we study, share prayer concerns, and encourage each other in our Lord Jesus Christ.

The March - May 2017 study is on how much God Loves Us.  We shall be delving into several books in both the Old and New Testament Scriptures.  Unit 1 has lessons from 1 John, Ephesians, John and Joel.  The lessons show that God's love overflows, redeems, unites and renews us.  Unit 2 lessons are drawn from Psalms, John and Romans.  They reveal God as protector, preserver, healer, comforter and Savior of the people.  The final 4 weeks, Unit 3, looks at the book of Jonah.  These lessons highlight God's unconditional love for humans and the natural world.  God wants to bring all people to a saving knowledge of Himself.  By the way, did you know that Nineveh is called Mosul today?

Women of oakland

The first Sunday each month Oakland women meet at 12:30 pm, immediately after the second worship service, for a covered-dish meal, friendly conversation, and to discuss ways of supporting various ministries of the church.



Following the monthly meeting of the Women Of Oakland, a group of crafters gather at the church from 2-4 pm to do their crafts together. Ideas are shared and new skills learned as each crafter offers insights and techniques about the various crafts being worked on that day. The main purpose is fun and relaxed conversation, a goal easily achieved in the warm and friendly atmosphere. Any one interested in joining the group is welcome to just show up the first Sunday each month, or contact coordinator, Kristen Marshall, .


Baby blankets

One of the valuable ministries of Oakland Church has been the baby blanket project.  Periodically throughout the year members gather, usually on a Saturday, to make "no-sew" blankets and beanie caps for every newborn at Jefferson Hospital. Through the years, hundreds of babies have received these gifts of warmth and love via Jan Rata, Oakland member and obstetrics nurse at the hospital. For more information or to participate, contact the coordinator, Debby McCoy, .


women's retreat

Women renew and refresh their relationship with God by attending Oakland Women's Retreat.  A weekend of accelerated spiritual growth, filled with laughter, good food and meaningful discussion has helped to build a continually expanding sisterhood of the women of Oakland Church.