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Kent Tice

Office: 304-725-3737


Kent Tice and JoAnne Alexander, a married clergy couple, have been providing leadership for Oakland for over 31 years. Kent, who graduated from Wesley Theological Seminary, joined JoAnne at Oakland in 1986 after serving as pastor in several other churches in the Baltimore-Washington Conference.  Born in VA, Kent is the son of a pastor and has lived in four states and the District of Columbia.

Kent loves to build things, especially when they are recreational and/or functional.  Some of his projects have included a church, home furnishings, play houses, water slides, tree houses, camping cabins, and home additions.

The pastors teach the membership classes with help from other church leaders.

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JoAnne Alexander

Office: 304-725-3737

Director of Discipleship

JoAnne Alexander, who has served Oakland for over 40 years, began her ministry here in 1977 while a student at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C.  A native of Cumberland, Md., JoAnne has steered the Oakland ship through land purchases, relocations, fires, lawsuits, and much more, seeing the church grow from an average worship attendance of 20 to around 250 at its peak.

JoAnne's hobbies include sewing and textile arts, some of which can be seen throughout the year in the sanctuary as the liturgical seasons change.

Throughout their ministry together, Kent & JoAnne have emphasized the importance of discipleschip and continually growing as followers of Jesus Christ.


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Jack Zaleski

Office: 304-725-3737

Chief Financial Officer/ Treasurer

 Jack Zaleski, chief financial officer at Oakland since 1998, has been attending the church since 1992.  In addition to his financial responsibilities, Jack also occasionally teaches a variety of biblical and topical classes. 

Prior to his work at Oakland, Jack worked at Staples, the office supply giant, as a troubleshooter and efficiency specialist, having received his J.D. from University in Iowa.

Among Jack's many interests are biblical archeology, astronomy, model trains, and rocketry.


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Jill Schweitzer

Office: 304-725-3737


 Jill Schweitzer, a member at Oakland since 1997, has been church secretary since 2000.  A native of Parsons, WV, Jill is frequently a point of first contact for many people who become associated with Oakland, whether through answering the phone for the church, preschool, Upward Sports, and many other church ministries, or her volunteer time at the Front Desk on Sunday mornings.

Jill's interests include pets, gardening and exercise/fitness.

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Allison Moylan


Preschool Director

Allison Moylan serves as Director of the Preschool.  With a love for children and many years experience working with them, Allison is passionate about  this position.  She and her husband, Patrick, have two sons.

Email Allison for Preschool at

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Joshua Alexander


Director Of Apologetics

Joshua Alexander currently serves as Director of Apologetics at Oakland.  His responsibilities include coordinating small groups and recommending curriculum for various classes and groups.  He also regularly teaches on a variety of topics related to apologetics and being able to give well-reasoned answers for our beliefs as followers of Christ.

Born and raised in Charles Town, WV, Joshua works at American Public University Systems (an online university) in the area of academic appeals.  He also has been the director of Ratio Christi, a campus ministry in the area of Christian Apologetics, at APUS and on the Shepherd University campus.

Among Joshua's interests are blogging and music, having played in the Church's worship band since the age of 14.